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Graveney Primary School

‘Learning and Achieving Together’

School Council

Election Day

Welcome to the new School Council members.  We have held our elections and these are the members of our school council this year.

Scorpions - Lillian and Sammy (Year 6) and Liliana and Isaac

Dragonflies - Dylan and Evie

Bumblebees - Tyler and Jessie


We have been talking about charities we would like to support, next week on Friday 18th September we will be supporting Jeans 4 Genes with our Non-uniform day.  


Please speak to any of the school council to put forward ideas or questions.  


We are thinking of ideas to remember one of the teachers who has recently died, Mrs Beatty really liked Owls and Reading so we are looking for Owls to go into our school library. 


Term 2


This term we have been discussing how we can keep safe in school.  We have changed the plans for Christmas becuase of COVID.  Our disco has now been changed to class parties so that we can keep safe.  We have also planned a Non-uniform day on Wednesday 15th December as we are watching the Panto and having our parties this day.


All the classes are enjoying using the new Laptops in class, we are also finding the new interactive screen really helpful in the hall for our music lessons. 


We are looking forward to planning a Teddy Bear picnic in the summer term.