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Graveney Primary School

‘Learning and Achieving Together’


Welcome to the Bumblebees Class page.

The Bumblebees have been working really hard the last few weeks on the school nativity. The story is about a star that has lost it's shine and how it must go on a journey to find it. 

You can find the video of the nativity under the school videos tab. We hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas to you all. 

Term 1 Splendid Skies. We are learning all about the weather this term, with a variety of exciting activities.

Term 2 WOW chart Mess, Muck and Mixtures. This term we are looking at materials and how they can be effected by outside interaction. It's going to get messy.

Term 3 Bright Lights, Big City

This term we shall be learning all about the famous landmarks of London and around the world. We shall be researching The Great Fire of London, looking at it's causes and impacts. In English we will be reading traditional tales, nursery rhymes and looking at information texts. For Science we will be learning about Everyday Materials, what things are made of and the different uses for each material. 

Term 4 Dinosaur Planet

This term we will be going back in time to the land of the Dinosaurs and learning all about their lives and what the world would have been like.

We shall unearthing fossils and creating our own Prehistoric landscapes where dinosaurs might have lived. The children will be learning about important historical people and becoming expert paleontologists. They shall be creating fact files about famous dinosaurs and finding out all about the sad extinction of the Dodo bird. 

It's going to be RAWRsome!

Term 5 Magnificent Monarchs.

This term we shall be looking back in time and learning about all the fantastic monarchs and rulers of England's past. We shall be looking at the impacts they had and what Britain was like at the time under their rule. We will be creating timelines of Royal history and researching important events from our past.


We shall also be looking at Royal Portraits and creating our own fabulous pictures in a Royal style, using different mediums.


In Science we will be discovering the world of animals and how they live and survive, looking at their habitats and food chains. As it gets warmer we will also be going into these habitats and searching for the ideal places for animals to thrive. 


Some of our fabulous acting we have done this year.

Some of our exciting English work this year.

Our mind-boggling Mathematics learning.

Our sensational Science