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Graveney Primary School

‘Learning and Achieving Together’


Term 3 Week 3 I am afraid that I am still having to self-isolate. My thanks to Mrs. Baker and Miss Crouch for all they are doing to keep the learning going in Dragonflies. I have attached information about the spellings and times tables for this week. There is also learning for the children who are having to stay at home. Take care. Mr Crick


Here are the spellings for this week:

Week 1 Spelling Year 3

These words all have ou making the short u sound.

young, touch, double, country, couple, cousin, rough, southern, enough, tough


Week 1 Spelling Year 4

This week the root words end in –e and have had –ly added to them. The –e has been removed.

truly, gently, simply, wriggly,, cuddly, pimply, giggly, wrinkly, bubbly, crumbly

Hello Everyone.

I hope the start to your break is going well.

This is just a quick note to say, "Well done!" to Dragonflies because our class had the best attendance this term. Given everything that has happened, it is great that the class had an attendance level of over 96%.

I would also like to thank those children who were so kind as to give Miss Crouch and I presents. My sons have happily volunteered to help me eat the chocolate and biscuits.

I hope that you have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year.

Mr Crick



Pantomime: This year's panto was Aladdin. We had a lovely [Oh yes we did!] time booing the villain cheering the heroes and saying 'yuk' when two of the characters had a kiss! Christmas Party: A big 'thank you' to all the parents and carers who sent in food for our arty this afternoon. As you can see there was a lot of it! There was far too much to eat at one attempt, so we just had the savory foods this afternoon. Tomorrow we will have a go at eating the cakes!

Dream Catchers: Earlier this term we made dream catchers. Native American tribes placed them above people who were sleeping and used them to catch the bad dreams but let through the good ones. In the morning you gave the dream catcher a shake and the bad dreams were cast off.

Monday 6th December

I hope you had a good weekend.

Times Tables: This week Year 3 will be focussing on the 3-x table and Year 4 on the 6-x table.

The spellings for this week are below.  Year 3 children will be adding the prefix re- to their root words.

Year 4 will be adding the suffix -ing to words ending in e. In these words the e is dropped before the -ing is added.

Week 6 Spelling Year 3

redo refill regain rejoin replay reset repaint rewrap rewrite reword


Week 6 Spelling Year 4

becoming  amazing arriving including exploding packaging escaping deciding surprising surviving


Both tables and spellings will be tested on Friday.

ADVENT This week we held two craft afternoons to mark the start of Advent. The children have made their own advent calendars and three decorations for the Christmas tree.

Monday 29th November

Monday 22nd November There are some children who are not able to return to school because of COVID-19. I will be posting the learning here for this week. The spellings and tables will be the same as the last week we were in school. The English is to identify the key features of a non-chronological report. I have attached the file I was going to use to pick out the features. We are going to see what we can identify as a group and produce a list of the features. I have also attached a list of the features. We will be using the words in bold print by which to refer to the features. Maths: Checking calculations. This is about inverse functions. Subtraction and addition are inverse calculations and can be used to check answers. The science will be about classification of marine animals based on what can be seen. The site we use for topic resources does not, for some reason like me accessing it from home. I will be posting the images on the website tomorrow. I will try to reduce the size so that you are not spending a fortune on colour printing. You can group the animals any way you like - colour, number of limbs / fins / tentacles / eyes.

Ok. Here we go. Hopefully, this will be the final day of remote learning. Mrs Baker will be posting some French for you to try. Once she has put it on Teams, I will copy it to here.

Good morning and well done for making it to Thursday. The maths learning will be the same for everyone today. I would like to remind Year 4 about bar charts. In English I would like you to write a rhyming poem about the sea which thinks it is a fierce animal. today's topic looks at the oceans.

Wednesday 17th November Home Learning Good morning. I hope you are all well. Today's learning is explained in the word document at the top of the list. The topic work can be printed out and then cut up and stuck onto the table and main picture. However, if you are not able to print off the sheets, you can try and draw your own. The key thing is to look at the power point.

Tuesday 16th November Home Learning Good morning. I hope you are all well. Today's learning is outlined in the word document, where you will also find the video links for maths. The files you need for maths are also attached. If you have any questions, please email me at

Good morning. A final reminder to the group whose Christmas cards are coming from a different source and received an envelope last week.. If you would like to place an order it has to be done by 3.00pm today. Either email me at with your order [please include name and quantity of each item and the cost] or send a photograph of the completed envelope. Many thanks.

This is the learning I would like you to try for English.

French Mrs Baker has been busy and thought that you would like to work on your numbers in French. Prendre plaisir [Enjoy!]

Topic work. In the document attached are pictures of animals that live in the sea. There are a lot of colour photographs so I suggest you make a list of the animals you think have backbones and those that do not. Hint: Mammals and fish are vertebrates [have a skeleton that includes a backbone].

Dragonflies English Please see attached document.

Year 4 maths The video link is : Or you can use the teaching files attached.

Maths Year 3: I have attached the teaching slides I would have used today. The worksheet and answers are also attached. MC

Maths Year 3

We have been learning about subtraction. Today we would have been looking at how we can check our answers. This video link uses the same slides that I would have used to deliver the learning. Highlight it and copy into the address line on your browser. It should play. If it does not play I will also be posting the teaching slides as well. If you cannot print off the sheet, write the answers on what you can, photograph it and send it to me at my email address [see previous post] or send a private message on Teams.

Tip: Remember that addition is the opposite of subtraction. A good way to check subtraction is to use the numbers you have in an addition calculation. e.g.

269 - 183 = 86  So 183 + 86 = 269 Or you can do another subtraction 269 - 86 = 183

Video link: 

Good morning Dragonflies,

As we are now using remote learning, I will be posting on both Teams and the Dragonflies page of the school website, in case you have mislaid your access codes to Teams or just prefer using the website. I will be setting an maths task, English work and something to do with our topic 'Blue Abyss'.

If you cannot get into Teams and wish to send me a message, my email address is: 

Will being posting work over the next 30 minutes.

Enjoy and be kind to your parents.

Mr Crick

Home Learning Week 2 08 11 21 This week's spelling and tables are in the document attached.

Home Learning - Here are your spellings and times tables for this week. Enjoy!

Today we welcome Miss Crouch to the school and Dragonflies in particular. We also wish Miss James all the best in her new post.

Today we held elections for our School Council. On Tuesday, each candidate had to give a short speech explaining why they would make a good representative. Today was when we voted. This took place in the school hall and Mrs Blackwell was the returning officer. We had to put a cross next to two names, then we put our ballot papers into the ballot box.