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Graveney Primary School

‘Learning and Achieving Together’

PE and School Sport

Sports Premium Grant

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was an opportunity to inspire the nation to enjoy a memorable cultural and sporting experience. The government is determined to secure a significant and lasting legacy from the games and to develop children’s enjoyment of sport and physical activity from an early age. As a result, in 2013 the Prime Minister set aside £300m specifically to improve the provision of Primary School PE and School Sport.

Our vision is for all pupils to leave our school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity  and sport. We aim to achieve self-sustaining improvements in the quality of PE and sport against 5 key indicators:

1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity - kick starting healthy active lifestyles

2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the whole school as a tool for whole school improvement

3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

5. Increased participation in competitive sport

Sports Premium Action Plan

The Impact of Sports Premium Training for Governors

Graveney primary explain the benefits of attending Kent Sport's Governor Training and the positive effects it has had on their school.

Graveney Goes Gold Again! Well done to everyone, we achieved our Gold School Sports Award for the second year running

Graveney Goes Gold Again!  Well done to everyone, we achieved our Gold School Sports Award for the second year running 1

Judo Champions visit Graveney...


We have already begun some exciting new sports in school with the introduction of a new after school club this term.  Eddie and Caz joined us for a demonstration of Judo in our assembly.  We now have 25% of our pupils learning Judo after school on a Thursday.

Eddie and Caz will not be running the Judo Club on Thursday 28th September and Thursday 5th October as they will be attending the World Judo Championships.  We wish them both the very best of luck and hope they win more medals to show us on their return.

Eddie competes on Saturday and Caz (Caroline Rawlings) competes on Tuesday.  Another of senior club members (Lee Cahalane) completes on Monday.
If you would like to find our more information about the event please check their website;

Just a quick update on the tournament. Caz won herself a fantastic Bronze medal.  We hope she will bring it to the school this week.

Caz with her Bronze medal

Caz with her Bronze medal 1

Sports Day 2017

Sports Day 2017 1
Sports Day 2017 2
Sports Day 2017 3
Sports Day 2017 4
Sports Day 2017 5
Sports Day 2017 6
Sports Day 2017 7
Sports Day 2017 8
Sports Day 2017 9
Sports Day 2017 10
Sports Day 2017 11
Sports Day 2017 12
Sports Day 2017 13
Sports Day 2017 14
Sports Day 2017 15
Sports Day 2017 16
Sports Day 2017 17
Sports Day 2017 18
Sports Day 2017 19
Sports Day 2017 20
Sports Day 2017 21
Sports Day 2017 22

Cross Country Running

Cross Country Running 1
Cross Country Running 2
Cross Country Running 3
Cross Country Running 4
Cross Country Running 5
Cross Country Running 6
Cross Country Running 7
Cross Country Running 8
Cross Country Running 9
Cross Country Running 10
Cross Country Running 11
Cross Country Running 12
Cross Country Running 13
Cross Country Running 14
Cross Country Running 15
Cross Country Running 16

Future Tennis Star


We are exceptional proud of one of our pupils, Mihai, who was selected to participate in the 'Surbition Team Challenge Cup'.  Mihai went to Wimbledon on Thursday 8th June to participate in the 10 and under tennis tournament; this was a 'Davis Cup' style event.


Mihai had a wonderful time at the event with his team achieving a Gold medal for his hard work. 



Term 1 and 2 

During terms 1 and 2 we have had lots of new and exciting sports events taking place here at Graveney.  We had a demonstration Judo assembly where we all met with Caz and got to see her Olympic medals.  Many of us have also attended our new Judo club, this is very popular and some of us are on the waiting list...


Sporting events we have attended included the Small School Football Tournament, where our team showed brilliant resilience and had a fantastic day playing football against other local schools.  Our Scorpions class have also attended the Basketball Competition which was held at Herne Bay High School.


Our Sports Leaders have completed their training and now have a detailed plan of the intra-school competitions, these have included a football and basketball competition between class and individuals in our playground during our lunch breaks.


Mr Waters has been busy helping us to keep active at break and lunchtime.  He runs our Change 4 Life Club and also Class football matches during the lunch hour for us to take part in.


Clubs available in Terms 1 and 2: Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Change 4 Life, Judo along with our Breakfast and Activity Clubs

Hockey skills being developed

Hockey skills being developed 1
Hockey skills being developed 2
Hockey skills being developed 3

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dancing 1
Bollywood Dancing 2
Bollywood Dancing 3

Ladybirds have been enjoying their Yoga

Ladybirds have been enjoying their Yoga 1 Look Mrs Ingram this is how you stretch!
Ladybirds have been enjoying their Yoga 2
Ladybirds have been enjoying their Yoga 3
Ladybirds have been enjoying their Yoga 4 Think we need to try this one again...
Ladybirds have been enjoying their Yoga 5

Term 3 and 4


We have begun our Sports and Activities for this term with some excellent indoor fun.  Kurling Club has begun again and our Judo club continues to be very popular.  Our sports leaders are organising our intra school football competition this term so watch this space for our winners.  Later in Term 4 we will also be holding our intra school gymnastics competition in preparation for selecting our teams to represent the school and the Key Steps Competition.  


Staff have also been joining in with the table tennis club, however we need to practise our skills more if we want to try and beat Mr Kay! 


Clubs available this term: Kurling, Table Tennis, Gymnastics (Term 4 only), Change 4 Life,  Judo and Breakfast and Activity Club

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club 1
Table Tennis Club 2
Table Tennis Club 3

Taekwondo Demonstration and Workshop

Taekwondo Demonstration and Workshop 1
Taekwondo Demonstration and Workshop 2 We all enjoyed learning about another Martial Art
Taekwondo Demonstration and Workshop 3

Infant Agility Competition

Infant Agility Competition 1 Sportshall Agility
Infant Agility Competition 2 Great aim!
Infant Agility Competition 3 Our amazing team
Infant Agility Competition 4 Having lots of fun

Term 5 and 6


Another busy term of sports here at Graveney with lots of competitions and activities.  This has included our key stage 1 gymnastics team making it through to county finals.  Cricket has been very popular this term, along with the continued Judo club where many pupils have been achieving their new belts as they progress and improve.  Tennis continues to be a popular lunch time activity along with our football and basketball competitions.  We have also been enjoying the sunshine and spending our active playtimes on our school field.  


Clubs this his term have been: cricket, judo, trio golf, summer sports, change for life, breakfast and activity club



Gymnastics final team

Gymnastics final team  1

Sports Day 2018

Sports Day 2018 1
Sports Day 2018 2
Sports Day 2018 3
Sports Day 2018 4
Sports Day 2018 5
Sports Day 2018 6
Sports Day 2018 7
Sports Day 2018 8
Sports Day 2018 9
Sports Day 2018 10
Sports Day 2018 11
Sports Day 2018 12
Sports Day 2018 13
Sports Day 2018 14
Sports Day 2018 15
Sports Day 2018 16
Sports Day 2018 17
Sports Day 2018 18
Sports Day 2018 19
Sports Day 2018 20
Sports Day 2018 21
Sports Day 2018 22
Sports Day 2018 23
Sports Day 2018 24