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Graveney Primary School

‘Learning and Achieving Together’


Hello and welcome to the Ladybird Class.  Come and have a look at our fantastic learning!

We are the Ladybirds

For those who are no longer able to join us in school.  Here are some ideas and activities for you to try at home. 


Writing: in class we have been developing our cursive handwriting - why not try writing notes to each other using beautiful joined writing.  


Reading: All Ladybirds have now got access to Bug Club.  This is an online reading scheme, where pupils are allocated books by their class teacher.  There are also quiz questions for you and your child to answer to help develop their comprehension.


Number:  Hunt down those dice and enjoy playing games with them, board games are excellent for developing counting and those number bonds.  Your child should also have a Numbots account which they can access online to play games.  We have been working on one more and one less in class.


Superheroes:  Use your imaginations and perhaps you could create your very own super powers.  Perhaps you could make a superhero headquarters in your home...


Please have fun learning at home and we you will be able to join us back in the classroom soon...

And some more ideas...


How about thinking about learning later in the day / night.  Look at the stars and moon, maybe create a picture or story about space.


We have also been learning about rhyming words hog - dog and then try writing silly sentences using the rhyming words e.g. The hog sang to the dog.  Don't forget to remind them to use a capital letter at the start and to finish with a full stop.


More maths: We love telling the time, we can now do o'clock. Talk about the time and how long thing will take to cook / do at home.  We have also been counting in two's so get them matching your socks, shoes and counting them for you.


Hope you enjoy some of our ideas :)

Home Learning wb 23.3.20

Home Learning wb 30.3.20

Homelearning Gallery 20.4.20

Home learning wb 27th April 2020

Homelearning Week Beginning 4.5.20

Our pet pictures

Term 6 - 

This term some of the Ladybirds are returning to their classroom and others will be remaining at home.  I will be continuing to add planning for the Ladybirds to our site each week for those of you who are remaining at home.  This will follow our original plans which was the topic of Turrets and Tiaras. 


As part of our transition work those Ladybirds who are in school will be following Year 1 work with Miss Goodsell and myself.  For those of you homelearning please feel free to choose between either the Year 1 plans or the Ladybirds plans (you can pick and mix).