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Graveney Primary School

‘Learning and Achieving Together’

Reading & Phonics at Graveney

Reading is something we regard highly at Graveney Primary School. Not only do we want our pupils to leave being fluent, confident readers, we also want them to have a passion for reading!


We take a very active role in encouraging our pupils to read, both at school and home. Each class takes part in guided reading daily, where children are given ample opportunities to read for pleasure, develop their reading skills and comprehension.  Pupils in our KS1 classes are also given a daily phonics lesson, this is based upon Letters and Sounds.  Many of our staff are also trained to deliver Soundswrite, an established scheme for teaching phonics.  This is used to support both whole class, small group and individuals with learning to read.


We continue to use many books from the Oxford reading tree scheme, which pupils enjoy as they start to read. This scheme aims to:

  • Teach - using systematic phonics

  • Practise - with more decodable readers than any other reading programme

  • Offer richer reading - through a huge selection of stories with children's best-loved characters

  • Bridge the gap - with support for the transition from phonics into richer reading

  • Make progress - through careful levelling

  • Support parents - with detailed inside cover notes in every title


As pupils develop their skills our scheme moves through levels, offering a wider range of fiction and non-fiction texts, including poetry and play scripts. The school is able to track children’s progress but also ensures they are being exposed to a wide range of genres and text types. These books also introduce pupils to elements such as chapters, content pages and glossaries, which they may not have seen before.

As the children develop their reading skills we encourage them to become independent ‘free’ readers with a wide range of interests and appreciation for the joy of reading.